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  • New High Density Apple Plantings - San Luis Obispo & Salinas Stations
  • New Experimental Vineyard planted in the Monterey County Fog Belt
  • New Almond Orchard for on-site trials at Five Points Station near Fresno
High Density Apple Plantings: Pacific Ag Research (PAR) has two new high density apple test systems, one at its San Luis Obispo station, and one at its Salinas location (2022) in the fog belt near Castroville. These sites provide highly favorable environments for foliar diseases and uniform field test conditions. The plantings are unique to PAR and offer research managers a dependable high pressure fungal and bacterial test system.
Viticulture Expansion: On the same company property in the Salinas fog belt, a new experimental vineyard has also been established. This site has two disease-sensitive wine grape varietals growing under the highly challenging fungal disease conditions of the site.  With the 2021 addition of this coastal vineyard, PAR now has company viticultural research sites in four California counties (Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Fresno), with a total of six wine and table grape varietals.
Chenin Blanc grapes - viticulture expansion at Pacific Ag Research - Ag Metrics Group
Additional On-Station Almonds: At Pacific Ag’s Five Points station, a new almond planting was established for 2022 field trials. The new site contains the usual high-level security and company-managed inputs for on-station trials with high-value test substances.
Pacific Ag Research Almond plantings at Five Points Station - Ag Metrics Group
<![CDATA[Michigan Ag Research: In the Midwest: Acreage Expansion, Equipment Acquisition, New Construction]]> Wed, 30 Jun 2021 07:00:00 GMThttps://www.agmetricsgroup.com/news-updates/michigan-ag-research-expansion
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  • Additional 150 acres purchased by Michigan Ag Research
  • New heavy-duty New Holland tractors acquired this year
  • New laboratory, shop, and dormitory under construction
New 7,500 sq. ft. Laboratory, Dormitory & Shop
Land: We are proud to announce that Michigan Ag Research (MAR) is now over 200+ acres of irrigated and deer-fenced research farm land. With the addition of this new acreage, MAR can conduct much larger trials, provide more opportunities for crop rotational studies, and even fallow plots where protocols require.
Equipment: Michigan Ag has added two additional New Holland tractors to complete our fleet of light, medium, and heavy-duty tillage and spray tractors. The purchase now allows us to quickly install crop plantings for last-minute projects and to work around inclement weather.
New Holland HD tractors - Michigan Ag Research - Ag Metrics Group
Facilities: To advance toward our objective of having a best-in-class, office/lab campus at Albion, MAR is now in the final stages of construction of a massive 7,500 sq. ft. structure, which will include:
  • Specialized entomology lab facilities
  • Nematology soil extraction and microscopy rooms
  • Low humidity storage rooms for electronics and sensors 
  • Dormitory rooms allowing for on-site technician resources
  • Equipment shop for maintenance of tractors and implements
<![CDATA[In the Southeast: Promotions, New Hires, New Certifications of Staff and Facility at Florida Ag Research]]> Thu, 24 Jun 2021 21:27:41 GMThttps://www.agmetricsgroup.com/news-updates/ag-metrics-group-announces-new-hires-and-promotions-for-florida-ag-research
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Frank Sances and Mark Keeley inside the new Insect Pollinator Lab at Florida Ag Research - Ag Metrics Group
Frank Sances and Mark Keeley inside the new Insect Pollinator Lab
  • Mark Keeley was promoted to Director of Regulatory (GLP) Services - Ag Metrics Group
  • Assistant Station Manager Charlie Boone is the Interim Station Manager for Central Florida
  • Jacqueline Coburn joins FAR as Field Trial Coordinator and Nematologist
  • Kaleb Williams was promoted to Field Operations Manager
  • Marissa Cassaway hired as an Entomologist
  • FAR is now a USDA-approved bio-safety containment facility (APHIS-PPQ/BRS Research)
We are happy to announce promotions and new talent at Florida Ag Research.

Mark Keeley has been promoted to Director of Regulatory Services - Ag Metrics Group, developing the corporation's GLP business nationally. Mark will complete the 2021 bio-efficacy season with FAR.
Assistant Station Manager Charlie Boone is the interim Station Manager. Charlie continues in his supervisory role overseeing the facility's land and labor resources for our Central Florida farms. As an Environmental Horticulturist, Charlie is particularly well-suited to manage FAR's extensive greenhouse, shadehouse, and microplot experimentation programs.
Charlie Boone - Interim Station Manager - Florida Ag Research - Ag Metrics Group
Jackie Coburn - Nematology - Field Trial Coordinator - Florida Ag Research - Ag Metrics Group
New to the Florida Ag team is field trial coordinator and plant nematologist, Jacqueline “Jackie” Coburn. Jackie worked in insecticide R&D at FMC and Dupont for several years where her primary role was coordinating field trials with corporate research managers.  She joins Florida Ag after receiving her Masters in Nematology from the University of Florida (UF), Gainesville.
Kaleb Williams recently added his Certified Crop Advisor license to his Pesticide Research licenses and has now been promoted to Field Operations Manager. Kaleb grew up in agriculture and has independently farmed commercial vegetables for several years in Central Florida. Appropriately, he now manages all farming activities for station trials and off-site projects. He continues to oversee his farming and technical staff conducting test substance and trial maintenance applications. Kaleb also leads trial imaging, including drone overflights and colorimetric plot evaluations for field trials.
Kaleb Williams - Field Operations Manager - Florida Ag Research - Ag Metrics Group
Marissa Cassaway - Entomology - Florida Ag Research - Ag Metrics Group
Also joining the ranks of Florida Ag Research is entomologist, Marissa Cassaway.  She is a graduate of the University of Florida and was most recently the Lab Manager for Small Fruits IPM at the University of Florida Gulf Coast Research and Education Center. At Florida Ag Marissa is responsible for maintaining insect and mite colonies, and collecting efficacy data on entomology, field, and greenhouse trials.
New for 2021!
Florida Ag now conducts Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Cubense “Panama Disease” trials on banana.
Florida Ag Research  - Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Cubense “Panama Disease” trials on banana
Panama Disease